Product Description

A Wye-Delta pump control panel is a “combination starter” which com-bines a wye-delta motor starter along with a fusible switch or a cir-cuit breaker.

Our pump panels offer the following protection:

  • Protection against short circuit faults
  • Means of disconnecting the mo-tors from the supply lines
  • Overload protection

Wye-Delta Open-Transition motor starters (or Star Delta starters) pro-vide economical reduced current starting in applications where the supplied power restricts the incre-ments of current drawn from the lines.

Standard Features

  • Fully welded heavy-duty steel enclo-sure with gasketed hinged door and provisions for padlocking. Gray powder-coating finish suitable for use in harsh environments
  • Type 3R rating suitable for use out-doors. Rain and sleet resistant
  • Choice of disconnect style: Fusible Switch, or Circuit Breaker
  • Fusible Disconnect Switches include factory-installed J-Class time-delay dual-element current-limiting power fuses
  • Through the door disconnect operator with provisions for padlocking in the off position
  • Wye-Delta Open-Transition Magnetic Motor Starter with choice of coil volt-age
  • Solid State Class 10 Overload Relay with adjustable trip point and inherent protection against loss of phase
  • Fast-Acting Supplementary Fuses for protection of internal and external control circuit wiring against damage due to short circuits and ground faults
  • Hand-Off-Auto Selector Switch
  • Terminal Block for ease of wiring to and from a remote control device
  • UL 508 Listed Industrial Controls
  • Suitable for use as Service Equipment

Wye-Delta Start Pump Control Panels

3 Phase Motor:

Fusible Type:

Breaker Type:

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  1. Fusible Type Panels include J-Class Power Fuses
  2. Unless otherwise specified, Starter Coil Voltage is same as line voltage
  3. Call factory for HP and Voltages not shown

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