Product Description

Simplex Lift Station Pump Control Panels are designed to control the level in a mu-nicipal or industrial de-watering Lift Sta-tion housing a single pump.

When the level rises to a predetermined level, as sensed by an external level sen-sor (ie: float switch), the pump is turned on. As the level recedes to a predeter-mined level, as sensed by a level sensor, the pump is turned off.

A “Simplex” panel consist of a single across-the-line combination motor starter which provides protection against short circuit faults, motor overload faults, motor disconnecting means, and means to auto-matically turning the pump motor on/off.

Typical applications include sewage lift stations, storm drain lift station, or any installation where de-watering is required.

Applied Motor Controls’ Simplex Lift Sta-tion Pump Panels can be designed to in-corporate a wide selection of power, mon-itoring and control options meant to en-hance the protection or performance of the pump, or to meet the most demand-ing job specifications.

Standard Features

  • UL 508 Listed Industrial Control se-rialized label
  • UL type 3R Outdoor Painted Steel Enclosure Fully gasketed hinged door with provision for padlocks
  • Top and bottom brackets for wall or pole mounting
  • Gray powder-coating finish suitable for use in harsh environments
  • Molded Case Circuit Breaker with Thermal-Magnetic Trip (Optional Fu-sible Switch with Fuses available)
  • External Handle mechanism inter-locked to door for Circuit Breaker. Handle features provisions for up to 3 padlocks when in the “off“, and prevents door opening when in the “on” position
  • Full Voltage Magnetic Motor Starter with 120VAC coil
  • Solid State Overload Relay with ad-justable trip point and inherent pro-tection against loss of phase
  • 120V Control Circuit Transformer with primary & secondary protective fuses
  • Hand-Off-Auto Selector Switch
  • Terminal Blocks for two remote Float Switches: Pump Off, Pump On
  • Grounding Lug

Simplex Lift Station Pump Panels

3 Phase Motor:

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