Product Description

Duplex Lift Station Pump Control Panels are designed to control the level in a mu-nicipal or industrial de-watering Lift Sta-tion housing two pumps.

When the level rises to a predetermined level, as sensed by an external level sen-sor (ie: float switch), the “lead pump” is turned on first. As the level recedes to a predetermined level, as sensed by a level sensor, the lead pump is turned off and automatic alternation is accomplished.
In the event that the level continues to rise beyond the capacity of the lead pump, the “lag” pump is turned on, and both pumps will run simultaneously until the level recedes to the pumps off level as sensed by a level sensor.

Applied Motor Controls’ Duplex Lift Station Pump Panels can be designed to incorpo-rate a wide selection of power and control options meant to enhance the protection and performance of the pumps, or to meet the most demanding specifications.

Standard Features

  • UL 508 Listed Industrial Control seri-alized label
  • UL type 3R Outdoor Steel Enclosure Fully gasketed hinged door with provi-sion for padlocks, and top & bottom brackets for wall or pole mounting
  • Gray powder-coating finish suitable for use in harsh environments
  • Gray powder-coating long-lasting finish suitable for use in harsh environments
  • Power Terminal Block for termination of supply cables
  • (2) Molded Case Circuit Breakers with Thermal-Magnetic Trip (Optional Fusi-ble Switch with Fuses available)
  • (2) External Handle mechanisms for Circuit Breakers. Handle features provisions for up to 3 padlocks when in the “off“, and prevents door opening when in the “on” position
  • UL 508 Listed Industrial Controls
  • (2) Full Voltage Magnetic Motor Start-ers with 120VAC coil
  • (2) Solid State Overload Relays with adjustable trip point and inherent pro-tection against loss of phase and un-balance
  • 120V Control Circuit Transformer with primary & secondary protective fuses
  • Solid State Duplex Alternator
  • (2) Hand-Off-Auto Selector Switches
  • Terminal Blocks for three remote Float Switches: Pumps Off, Lead Pump On, Lag Pump On

Duplex Lift Station Pump Panels

3 Phase Motor:

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