Product Description

Duplex Pump Controls Panels are de-signed to operate and control two booster pump motors on single system.

These panels are widely used in those ap-plications where maintaining a specific system pressure is required.

Applied Motor Controls’ standard duplex pump panel is designed to provide both “alternating” and “duplexing” modes.

Alternating mode: This function pro-vides for relatively equal wear of the two pump motors, typically of the same HP rating, driven by the controller by revers-ing the “Lead” and “Lag” roles of the mo-tors on each successive cycle. Automatic alternation is accomplished when one or both motors come to a stop.

Duplexing mode: This mode provides stand-by capacity for use of a second pump motor when the system demand exceeds the normal requirements of a sin-gle motor, or when one of the motors fail.

Applied Motor Controls offers a wide range of UL Listed factory-installed options which can enhance the control and protec-tion of the pumps.

Standard Features

  • Fully welded heavy-duty steel enclo-sure with gasketed hinged door and provisions for padlocking
  • Type 3R rating suitable for use out-doors. Rain and sleet resistant
  • Gray powder-coating finish suitable for use in harsh environments
  • Power Terminal Block for termina-tion of line supply cables
  • Choice of two disconnects: Fusible Switches with J-Class Factory-installed power fuses, or Thermal-Magnetic Molded Case Circuit Breakers
  • (2) Through the door disconnect op-erators with provisions for padlock-ing in the off position
  • (2) Full Voltage Magnetic Motor Starters with 120VAC coil voltage
  • (2) Solid State Class 10 Overload Relays with adjustable trip point and inherent protection against loss of phase
  • Solid State Duplex Alternator with Alternating and Duplexing functions
  • 120V Control Circuit Transformer with primary and secondary protective fuses
  • (2) Hand-Off-Auto Selector Switches
  • (2) Terminal Blocks for two remote pressure switches

Duplex Booster Pump Control Panels

3 Phase Motor:

Fusible Type:

Breaker Type:

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  1. Fusible Type Panels include J-Class Power Fuses
  2. Unless otherwise specified, Starters Coil Voltage 120VAC
  3. Call factory for HP and Voltages not shown

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